The most expensive spice in the world, But why?

MEYRO-Saffron-Model-02Far beyond of caviar and truffles, saffron is the most expensive food on earth. Well, the reason comes from what and how saffron is produced.

Saffron threads are the stamens of the crocus, a delicate flower whose climate sensitivity is as its petal’s fragility. This one week blooming flower produces three stamens in average. These stamens must be attentively picked by hand and dried in a precisely set circumstances.

For just a single gram of saffron, substantial professionally paid labor needs to harvest 150 flowers. There are some less expensive varieties, but natural saffron base price anyhow is high.

Fortunately, a little saffron serves a long way and a tiny amount (fraction of a gram) of that is needed in recipes.

MEYRO's Saffron

Iran’s saffron is the best saffron of the world. For any doubt, one can refer to reviews of the first class chefs of the luxury restaurants, precise reports of the advanced relevant laboratories and even competitor producers’ catalog from other countries!

MEYRO’s saffron is sourced from the top selected farms of the top selected climates where Iranian saffron is cultivated in. Same as other MEYRO’s product, our research laboratory has scrutinisingly investigated Iranian varieties and has narrowed down to the superb quality saffron of below.

  1. Ghaenat’s saffron (Khorasan Province)
  2. Estahban’s saffron (Fars Province)
  3. Najaf-Abad’s saffron (Isfahan Province)

MEYRO’s excellent quality saffron is distinguishable from the others by the features of, fine even threads with a thin yellow tendril in one end and a horn-shaped flute on the other end and unique natural red-orange colour. MEYRO’s saffron heady smell can be sensed even through a layer of plastic packing.


Fraudulent saffron (left) compared to the real thing (right).

To have a measure to check against, the other side is some fraudulent saffron with coarse, uneven, short and thin braked shreds of saffron-like materials with a colour near to saffron. Havingsome chemical additives in, fake saffron smells like tree bark.

Another measure for quality of saffron (it goes without saying that MEYRO’s saffron will meet it brilliantly) is that, one drops a saffron thread in a bowl of warm water. A bright, transparent yellow colour will be spread

in the water after one or two minutes while the thread retains its shape. In the same situation a murky water with a deformed thread reveals adulteration.

Saffron Uses and Benefits



Saffron is used in many different recipes from luxury dishes to traditional foods. Its mouth watering smell, golden yellow colour and slightly floral taste can be found in a wide variety of Middle Eastern, African and European-inspired foods.



Saffron has been used in a variety of different drinks e.g. Honey- Saffron-Ginger mix, Saffron Sugar syrup, etc. It can be added to different herbal teas to bring joy and happiness due to its inherent. Smell of saffron drinks can entirely change a stressful mood to a relaxing.



Many ongoing researches are discovering saffron medicinal benefits. Up to now saffron has been found as a Cancer suppressor, anti depressant substance and a medicine for the healing of arthritis with heart health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidant and is named beside of Ginseng as a source for treating sexual dysfunction and infertility.