Pomegranates “The Jewel of Autumn”

Iran is the place where pomegranate start to exist and wide range of genetic varieties are cultivated on its lands. By 60,000 hectares of pomegranate orchards and 670,000 Tons of production, Iran is the first exporter of pomegranate in the world. Our research for the perfect pomegranate in its country of birth was divided to two main section.

Where is the best place to grow pomegranate in?

Hot summers and dry cool winters is just the weather a pomegranate tree needs to synchronize its clock with. Maximum 40℃ in summer and minimum of 4-5 ℃ in winter, NEIRIZ in FARS province has the best climate for a pomegranate tree to grow its fruits.

Which pomegranate variety is the best?

To select the best variety of pomegranate one needs consider different characteristics such as peel and crown (blossom) texture, shape and colour, seeds (arils) textures and taste, pulp membranes texture and thickness.By uniform a red, smooth  peel,long crown and ruby mouthwatering sweet and sour arils, RABAB of NEIRIZ is the pure definition of a perfect pomegranate one can consider. We confidently claim that RABAB of NEIRIZ is the finest and the tastiest pomegranate in IRAN, the birthplace of pomegranate.

Top 10 benefits of pomegranate

  1. Most powerful Anti-Oxidant of all fruits and Super Food!
  2. Great Source of Minerals and rich in A, C, E & B Vitamins!
  3. Pomegranate Juice, The Key to Increase Testosterone!
  4. Decrease risk of Impotence and Increase Sex Drive!
  5. Potent Anti-Cancer and immune supporting effects!
  6. Lowers Cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors!
  7. Lowers Blood Pressure and promote Blood Circulation!
  8. Increase Appetite, Help Digestion and Lose Weight!
  9. Improve Bone Quality and keep you Looking younger!
  10. Benefits to relieve or protect against Depression!

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