MEYRO’s Pomegranate

Since pomegranate natively is from IRAN, there is a huge genetic varieties of Pomegranate Cultivars in this country. The best type of gene does belong to NEYRIZ in FARS province and the most famous variety of pomegranate in NEYRIZ is called RABAB.

MEYRO’s Pomegranates are chosen based on many quality factors from RABAB pomegranate. Uniform Red Color, Smooth Skin, Long Crown (Blossom) and ruby seeds are prominent features of this pomegranate.


MEYRO’s Grapefruit

The Sunrise Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, with its sweet taste that will be hacked in your mind. A grapefruit with a shiny golden bronze and red peel, smooth scarlet red pulp and full of juice content and brix levels, the Iranian-grown Sunrise Red Grapefruit retains its rich color year-round.


MEYRO’s Saffron

Iran’s saffron is the best saffron of the world. For any doubt, one can refer to reviews of the first class chefs of the luxury restaurants, precise reports of the advanced relevant laboratories and even competitor producers’ catalog from other countries!