MEYRO’s packing system converges to the optimum point of parameters below:

  • Securing fruits from degradation due to one point contact
  • Ventilating each fruit’s peel entirely
  • Cross ventilating of the boxes and the pallets in a uniform temperature
  • Use of Hygene used materials pure from any unwanted contamination
  • Implementing recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • Decreasing the weight by keeping the strength
  • Optimizing geometry for loading/unloading
  • Accessibility for Forklift and hand-jack from all sides

MEYRO’s fruits delivery protection start from the covers. Among many different covers of fruits polyethylene net pipes are the best to damp any impact to the fruit, secure the fruit from one point contact while provides sufficient fresh air to its all around. MEYRO’s pallets with optimized dimensions fit inside common containers to save room while provide enough gap for cross ventilation in cargo.

As a part of belief in environmental friendly practice, MEYRO’s boxes and pallets are made from recyclable and fast biodegradable materials. These boxes are light but solid with high stacking load tolerance (500 kg) which is surely tick their service condition in our packing system.

Uniform cooling and air ventilation are of the predominant parameters in protecting freshness of the fruit. Our net designed fruit covers, properly distributed fresh air holes, correctly gapped pallets provide a solid integrated  cross ventilation  of fresh cool air for the cargo during its shipment.